Offgrid and Solar Lithium Batteries


When you’re off-grid, you want lithium batteries you can depend on and know will go the distance. Our batteries come with a proven track record and excellent customer reviews. Our solar lithium batteries are specifically designed for long-term energy storage and high-cycle applications. And you’ll be able to sleep comfortably knowing your batteries are protected by our professional-grade Battery Managment System (BMS), guarding your solar lithium batteries 24/7. Even more, the below off-grid and solar batteries are all smart lithium batteries with Bluetooth connectivity for extra information and additional configuration options.

Our batteries have an average life expectancy of over 10 years and come with a 5-year warranty.

In off-grid and solar applications our LiFePO4 batteries are best used in parallel or series operation by connecting multiple batteries together. Also, you can typically expect 2-3 times more useable power, faster charging, and cheaper per-cycle cost averaged out over the life of the battery compared to lead-acid batteries.