What is your warranty?

All our batteries come with a 5 year full replacement warranty*.

What’s the little star mean? Our 5-year warranty only covers non-modified or damaged batteries. If you open the battery, the warranty is void. Burn it, crush it, throw it in the ocean… yes, the warranty is void.

If you decide to change parameters within the BMS, the warranty is void. Certain settings within the battery can drastically affect the longevity of the battery and that would be grounds for warranty refusal.

Don’t give up hope. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis and fully at our discretion. But if you have a circumstance where you think the battery should still be covered, please give us a call, or visit our support page and let’s see if there’s something we can work out.

We have often given deep discounts on new batteries in exchange for the old battery. We then salvage what we can and sell it on aftermarket sites as salvaged parts. This makes it right for you the customer and allows us to recoup some capital.

Bottom line, always give us a call or reach out through support if you are unhappy.