Are Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Safe?

TL;DR – Absolutely.

The cells are internally wrapped with non-conductive fiberglass boards, then carefully packaged inside the battery and foam lined to prevent any movement and protect against shock. The BMS is then stacked on top of the cells, with an air gap between the battery and BMS which provides a thermal advantage compared to just placing the BMS directly on the battery. Direct placement and then heavy usage can cause the heated BMS to heat the battery cell and potentially cause damage. We protect from that with the air gap.

The Battery Management System is like the crossing guard at a school. It controls the charge and discharge, only allowing electricity to flow if it’s safe to do so. It runs 24/7 monitoring 2 temperature probes, voltage, amp draw, and looking for any possible short circuit. If any negative condition occurs, the BMS stops the flow of electricity temporarily. Once the negative condition is gone, the battery will automatically begin allowing the electricity to flow.

Check out a video we made showing unprotected cells (no BMS) being short circuited, the cells were still completely fine!