LiFePO4 Cells Percentage Drops after Full Charge

You may notice that the percentage showing on the JBD Xiaoxiang app will drop over about 2-24 hours after reaching full charge.

This is due to the internal cells settling out and very normal. Google search: why do lifepo4 cells drop after charging?

So, why does the percentage drop in the app?

In the parameter section within the app, there is a parameter called “cell full voltage” which is set to 3.4V. So the percentage meter uses that value to determine 100%. After the cells have settled, usually between 3.35V and 3.4V, the meter falsely sees that as lost watts and it will show somewhere between 75-100%. Another setting is for the 80% mark and the app is interpolating the difference to give a percentage.

There is no loss of capacity and the battery will still meet it’s rated amount of watts, it is still considered fully charged.

You can change the “cell full voltage” if you want to ensure you always read 100%, 3.35V would probably be sufficient to edit it to and would not void your warranty, this is simply an informational setting.

If you need the admin version of the JBD app, please email to get the download link.