Can the BMS be used to limit amps from my alternator?

Unfortunately, no, it can not.

LiFePO4 batteries have high charge rates, meaning they can absorb large amounts of amps without damaging the battery. These high rates can burn up vehicle alternators, so a question we get frequently from RVers and Van Dwellers is can the BMS limit the current being pulled off the alternator?

The BMS has a “Charge Overcurrent” and “Discharge Overcurrent” setting which sets a maximum limit only and does not act as a regulator. So, again, the BMS can’t be used to limit the Amps from the alternator.

If you want to reduce the Amps being pulled off the alternator, you need to use a DC to DC battery charger. Something like a 20A or 40A converter would be good for most cases.

Below is a good video by Brian (@RVwithTito) on his converter setup.