Will Prowse reBel Batteries LiFePO4 Metal Case Review

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Today we were reviewed by William Prowse, a popular Youtuber that specializes in lithium and solar setups. We have been long time fans and love his style of reviewing products. He's always brutally honest, which will only make the community a better place!

Overall, he said, "I really like what the company is doing and how they made it look."

He also noted a couple of issues we're addressing.

There was an issue with the placement of the low-temperature probe. He's correct it should have been on the cells, all our previous shipments were configured with the probe on the cells. Previously, the BMS was mounted to the cells and the probe was routed into the cell housing. We decided to move the BMS to a lid-mounted option for better heat dissipation, and our supplier made the nice bracket you can see in the video. However, for unknown reasons they tucked the low-temp prob into the BMS. We will be opening every case prior to shipment and correcting this oversight. The low-temp probe will be placed on the cells with adhesive tape.

Will says he liked the bolt-on wire option better than solder. and we do to. If you've watched our tear-down videos, you'll notice we always use the bolt-on type. However, with the surge in demand for everything under the sun. JBD has been short on some parts, notably the bolt-on terminals that Will refers to. He did also mention, the solder job looked nice and would work fine.

Unable to remove the cell for serviceability. There is double-sided tape holding both the cells to the inner box and the inner box to the metal case. Probably overkill and we'll have the tape removed on future shipments. The bracket would be sufficient to hold the cells in place. If you do have one of these batteries and ever need to get the cells out, you can heat the bottom of the case to weaken the adhesive.

Cell orientation. Our manufacturer has assured us these cells can be mounted in the horizontal position without issue. However, we will consider options for vertical cells on future shipments.

"Solve these very small issues, and I think it will be a winner."

We hear you Will, these issues will be addressed and solved. In the meantime, we will move the temp probe and loosen up on the adhesive!  ;) Thanks!