LiFePO4 Shipment Arriving

LiFePO4 Shipment Arriving

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We have a shipment of LiFePO4 batteries arriving tomorrow!!!! Finally.

This shipment was massively delayed and expected in almost a month ago. If you didn't know, there has been a massive backup of ships off the coast of California, and we were one of the many business affected by this. Not only are more goods coming into the states, there are less workers and trucks to move the goods. Everything from Customs, to dock workers, to the truckers have been affected negatively by the restrictions put in place in California.

These back logs have been well documented in the news, but we're happy to announce our shipment arrives tomorrow and we've opened up some of our products as available.

We'll have 200Ah LiFePO4, 300AH LiFePO4 available in limited quantity and much of our supply has already been purchased by installers and individuals that reached out directly.

We have over 100 of our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4's also coming in tomorrow and plenty available (at the moment) for purchase.