Review of the reBel 12V LiFePO4 - 12Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with LCD

Review of the reBel 12V LiFePO4 - 12Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with LCD

This is another battery I plan to use to show the capabilities of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries to people. Like its baby brother, this is a quality battery. The case is hard plastic but it's strong. The terminals are blade type and are both located on top at one end of the battery. Unlike the other reBel batteries for some reason, this one doesn't have the nice in graved terminal plus and minus markings on the case.

There is a lit LCD display on top handy for checking the battery's voltage. The light stays on for about ten seconds when the switch is pressed. This is a heavy-duty switch that feels like it will last for years.

The max charge current for this battery is 6A and the max discharge current is 12A continuous.

Here are my results from a 4.7 amp discharge test. After applying the load and letting the battery stabilize for 30seconds the voltage held at 12.88V.

   Fifteen minutes, 12.87V.

  Thirty minutes, 12.84V, and the terminals were cold to the touch.

  Forty-five minutes, 12.81V.

   One hour, 12.79V.

  One hour 30 minutes, 12.71V.

   Two hours, 12.51V.

   Two hours fifteen minutes, 12.32V.

   Two hours twenty minutes and a few seconds, 12.0V. A little over five minutes later the BMS turned the battery off at 9.4V.

   If you buy one of these batteries you will notice the LCD on the battery shows a slightly higher voltage than your meter at the output terminals or in your system does. This is because the voltmeter in the battery is measuring the actual cell voltage. In any system, there's always some loss when electricity passes through electronics and cables. For example, at one point in this test, my meter showed 12.77V and the LCD on the battery showed 12.9V. This voltage loss is very minimal and nothing to be concerned about. On the other hand, if you notice a big loss in voltage at your meter it could mean your wire size is to small to carry the load, you have a bad, dirty or loose connection.

   In conclusion, if you need a replacement battery for a midsize UPS that requires this size, a small scooter, a 12V power station, or for just about anything that requires 12V I recommend this battery. Its only drawback is times when something requires a battery with bolt terminals. Most equipment that takes this size battery does use a battery with blade terminals. Some small scooters are one thing that often uses ring terminals though. Maybe reBel Batteries will offer a model with bolt terminals in the future. In the meantime, there are adaptors you can buy to resolve this problem. The issue being some adaptors won't carry high current and are loose when you slide them on the blade terminals so be aware of that.