As a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) we have the passion and drive to deliver the goods and do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Buy from us with confidence that you’ll end up a satisfied customer and never need another battery supplier. (more about the owner)

While building out DIY solar systems, there were no affordable options for lithium batteries on the market. You either spend a fortune for LiFePO4 batteries… or carry around a ton of lead-acid batteries.

Unfortunately, at the moment, almost all lithium battery cells come from China, S. Korea, Japan, or Russia. Hopefully, we will someday see lithium cells being manufactured in America. Even the companies that say “designed and assembled in the USA” are still purchasing their lithium cells from overseas, mainly China.

During our discovery phase, we found that by purchasing in bulk we could get significant discounts and pass that savings on to the consumer. We sought out investors and gained a significant capital investment that allowed us to begin looking for the best quality batteries.

So that’s what we did, we purchased different batteries and BMS hardware, and then ripped them apart to see which ones had the best quality. i.e. thickest wires, nicest solder, cell matching, BMS, etc.

We think our product line represents the best of what’s available in the market today and we’re proud to call them reBel Batteries! We also aim to be completely transparent with what’s inside our batteries, something you won’t see with other lithium sellers. Check out our LiFePO4 YouTube videos for tear downs and demo videos.

We’re constantly buying and testing new items and will bring them to market in bulk as they become available, always delivering the best price and quality!

About the Owner

Aric is a Native Texan and served 23 years in the Navy. He is also a two time Ironman (140.6) finisher, PADI Dive Instructor, avid fisherman, commercial drone pilot, and technology enthusiast.

After 11 years enlisted, he earned a BS in Computer Information Systems  and was accepted to Officer Candidate School for Naval Aviation, later transitioning into the IT management side of the Navy as an Information Professional.

After retiring from the Navy in January 2019, he took a year off and traveled the country with his wife and 3 kids in a Fifth Wheel.  They have since settled South of Houston, Texas, and are finally planning to live somewhere longer than 3 years!